Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Have your attendees listen to their preferred language in real time using handheld devices such as cell phones or tablets through ear buds/headphones.*

Where this could be used:

  • Group Meetings

  • Sales Presentations

  • Conferences/Conventions

  • Lecture Series

  • Festivals

  • Community Outreach

* Service requires strong Wi-Fi signal.  In the event of low or no Wi-Fi availability, on-site interpreting with transmitters and receivers can be provided.

On-Site Interpreting

An interpreter comes to your office/location and facilitates communication between staff and client.

Where this could be used:

  • Medical/Dental Offices

  • Local Government

  • Social Service Providers

  • Businesses

On Demand Over-the-Phone Interpreting

A conference call with all participating parties.  This could be done anywhere.

Why this method would be used:


  • Cost Savings

    • for shorter appointments

    • to avoid mileage/travel fees

  • Disability/travel limitations

  • Non-local interpreter languages


Document Translation

Translation of your documents by a highly trained professional; proofed and edited by a second translator to ensure quality and accuracy.


Where this could be used:

  • Brochures

  • Legal documents

  • Medical care instructions

  • Forms (new patient, applications, etc.)

  • Websites

  • Manuals

  • Immigration documents

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