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Worlds Apart

When I first met Mei Cheng and heard she was fluent in Mandarin Chinese (expected) and Spanish (woah!) I knew I would need to work with her one day. And that I would need to learn more about her story. Some of us speak more than one Romance language, but I couldn't imagine being able to speak two so very different languages.

When Mei was 7 years old her family made the decision to move to the Dominican Republic from Taiwan where her family would own an import business. She says that was hard at first, to suddenly be in a place where she knew nothing of the language.

Mei has taken the 40-hour course Bridging the Gap and the 64-hour course Core Medical Interpreter Training. She has taken and passed the Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI) written exam in Spanish and will soon take the oral exam. We wish her luck and know that she will soon be able to add CMI-Spanish to her name.

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For more info on national medical interpreter certification: (CHI) (CMI)

Mei Cheng-almost CMI-Spanish

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