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One Day, Back to Court!

Faye Natour is one of Access Language Solutions and Bluegrass Interpreting and Translation's Arabic interpreters. She was born and raised in Palestine, but moved to Kentucky, by herself, in 1993. Growing up in Palestine, she and her family endured a lot of hardships as there were constant uprisings and war between neighboring countries. She is the eldest of five. She has one sister and three brothers. Despite the continuous conflicts, her family continues to live happily back home, whereas Faye is the only sibling to be living in the United States. She does try to visit Palestine as often as she can because as she puts it, “Palestine will always be my forever home.” She also considers herself blessed to have Kentucky as her home, away from home. 

 She and her husband, Victor, have six children; four girls and twin boys. In her free time, Faye enjoys hiking, baking, and spending time with her family. Faye has been interpreting for 5 years, and has loved every minute of it. She has taken and passed the written exam for national medical interpreter certification through the National Board for Certified Medical Interpreting

(NBCMI). Faye’s ultimate goal is to be interpreting for the courts. Before moving to Kentucky, Faye practiced law in Palestine. And if you ask her, she misses every second of it. Which is why, her ultimate dream is to be back in the courtroom, where her career first began as a lawyer!

For more info regarding national medical interpreter certification, visit: (CHI) (CMI)

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