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Cancun, Colonoscopies and Rescue Pets

Maria de Lourdes (Lulu) Sears is one of ALS’ Spanish interpreters. In fact, she was the very first ALS interpreter. She started off by volunteering for some Surgery on Sunday appointments and when ALS secured a contract with SOS in September of 2017 she transitioned over to paid work. She continues to manage and to interpret for the SOS gastroenterology appointments and we have joked about making her the CCI:  Chief Colonoscopy Interpreter. 

Lulu was born in Mexico City. She spent many years working for the tourism industry in Cancun. Here in the states she has worked for the Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis. Her husband’s job at Toyota brought them to Lexington where she took the Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training in the spring of 2017.  In addition to ALS she works as a contract interpreter for Fayette County Public Schools. 

Lulu collects turtles, a symbol of longevity. She and her husband, Steve, live with three rescue dogs (Grandisimo, Mini-mini and Princess) and Pumpkin, the three-legged cat.

Lulu hard at work

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