Access Language Solutions (ALS), a Lexington based 501(c)(3) non-profit, offers assistance to two growing needs:  a shortage of professional interpreter and translator services available to local non-profit and government entities and the lack of professional interpreters and translators available to fill that need. 


ALS was founded by Lynn Fors, MA, CHI™ who has spent a great deal of her professional life working in language access.  When she first arrived here in Lexington, Kentucky from her native New England she taught middle and upper school Spanish at Sayre School.  Determined to reach the student on more than a basic level, she was instrumental in planning a trip to Spain and in introducing innovative teaching methods to the staff. 

In 2001 Lynn left Sayre School to work as a medical interpreter/Coordinator of Interpreter Services for Saint Joseph Hospital. She was the first medical interpreter to be hired in Lexington and developed a program at Saint Joseph Hospital designed to provide quality, timely and cost-effective language access to patients and their providers.  In 2012 Lynn became a nationally certified medical interpreter (English-Spanish) through the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters.  As of December 2017, there are just 30 spoken-language nationally certified medical interpreters in the state of Kentucky; a stat that Lynn would like to change.

​During her time at Saint Joseph Hospital, Lynn was a Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Trainer.  She has also served on the boards of both the Migrant Network Coalition and the Kentucky Interpreter and Translator Association.

Lynn has spent time studying, traveling, working and volunteering in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala (Children of the Americas) and Nicaragua (Operation Walk-Midwest).

Her vision is to bring creative solutions to the table in order to create a win-win for interpreters, their clients and those that employ interpreters.

Lynn Fors, MA, CHI™

Founder & Chair




a division of SLNKY

Our Mission

To bridge communication gaps through high quality and innovative linguistic solutions.

Our Vision

To provide exceptional interpreting and translation for service providers and their clients/patients.

Our Values




Problem solving

Sense of Purpose

Our Goals

To honor our commitments

To deliver results

To be welcomed back by our clients

To empower the professional interpreter and translator

To empower the English Language Learner



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