Medical Interpreter Training

Third-Party Language Proficiency Exams

National Certification

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Why should you seek interpreter training?  READ THIS, and contact me at Lynn@AccessLanguageSolutions.org to talk about how to get you trained and on the way to becoming a professional interpreter.  Or, if you already have your certificate(s) and assessment(s), apply to become a professional interpreter/translator HERE.

Language Testing

To be a fully qualified interpreter it is important for you to be tested in English and in all your working languages.   Are you a working interpreter without these documents in hand?  Contact us for more information.

Interpreter Training

Are you working as an interpreter without training?  Are you a linguist interested in pursuing training?  Contact us for more information.

Medical Interpreter Certification

Are you a trained medical interpreter interested in moving forward with national certification?  Contact us for more information.

View and Download Comparison of national certification paths HERE.

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